Adding work to a group

Before you add a work to a group you will need to join the group.


Once you are a member of a group you can add a work by signing in to your Redbubble account and viewing the artwork. You can view your portfolio and artwork by visiting

Then click the red edit link found next to your work. This will prompt a drop-down menu to load with an "Edit this Work" option for you to click on.


This will take you to a new screen which has a "Group Submissions" button under the description and tags. Click this to open a list of your groups and tick the box of any group you wish to add it to. Remember to "Save Work" when you are finished.


Etiquette Note: Please only add your artwork to relevant groups. That means add your flower images to the floral group, but not to the trains group (unless its a picture of flowers AND a train!)

Some group galleries are 'moderated', which means your artwork won't appear in that group until one of the hosts approves it. In other groups your work will appear in the gallery straight away.

Q: When I try to add work to the group it says I ‘can’t add more work’, but other people are still adding theirs. What’s the story?

A: When trying to add a work to a new group, you may encounter one of the following messages:

you can’t add more work to this group – there is a limit of 0 art works

Works fall into one of four categories – art, clothing, writing and journals. This message means that the category of work which you are trying to add your work is not allowed in the group at all. i.e the upload limit for that category is zero.

you can’t add more work to this group – there is a limit of 20 art works

This message means that you have exceeded the upload limit for that category of work. You will need to remove some work before being able to add more. If the upload limit has been lowered by the hosts, you may need to remove several works before being able to add anything more to the group.

approval required

This message means that the work will not become visible in the gallery unless a group host approves it. Different hosts moderate in different ways and it could take anything from a few minutes to a few weeks to be reviewed.