Choosing Media Categories for Your Work

A medium (mediums, media) is a material or technique used by an artist to create a work. We have some big, new and exciting changes planned which will give people an additional option to filter their searches based on media. These changes will take place in the not too distant future, so in preparation we've added media categories to your upload and edit screens so you can begin to assign these to your works. You won't be able to see how this will work just yet, but once we reveal the changes we promise everything will make perfect sense.


Which media should I choose?

You will be able to choose up to two media from the list above. You also have the option of choosing NO media at all if you don't think your work fits in any of the categories. Your work will still appear in search results on Redbubble. If your work is a pretty near match for any of these categories, you're also welcome to assign that media. Redbubble is an ever-evolving beast so please feel free to suggest new media to us as we're open to future changes and suggestions. If you'd like some tips on how to choose categories, here are some examples of works on Redbubble, and how we'd categorise them by media:

Example 1: We'd categorise the following works as Photography:


Broken Glass by holdthebean, Heathrow Airport by Matt Kelly and asa no densha by kibishipaul

Example 2: We'd categorise the following works as Painting and Mixed Media:


Undersea Steampunk: Aurelia & her Jelly Cruiser by WinonaCookie, Untitled by sadeyedartist and No show by James Kearns

Example 3: We'd categorise the following works as Digital Art:


Lost identity by Imber, The Stand Off by Scott Black and Every Little Thing She Does by Julie Everhart

Example 4: We'd categorise the following works under both Drawing and Design and Illustration


I am the Carp, carving my niche by Nicolas Rix, 3.14159 out of 10 by Paul McClintock and october by Lara Allport

Example 5: We'd categorise the following works under Digital Art and Photography:


Company Men by ToastedGhost, Art Nouveau by Bec Winnel and One Summer Dream by myoriginalsin

Example 6: We'd categorise these as both Digital Art and Design and Illustration:


Temper Temper Tamper by j3concepts, Moon at Noon by Archan Nair and End Novel by Chris Charalambous