Etiquette - Self Promotion on Redbubble

There's an unspoken etiquette when it comes to promoting yourself within Redbubble so the following is worth a read before you go all 'promotion crazy'. The following is based on observations of what is viewed as acceptable behaviour by the Redbubble community.

Plugging your work relentlessly and at any opportunity can work against you and can rub people up the wrong way. It's worth keeping the bigger picture in mind and thinking about how you're presenting yourself as an artist.

It's probably a good idea to avoid:

  • 'Vote for me journals' (unless wildly entertaining and different)
  • Unsolicited plugging of your own work/profile on forum threads
  • Advertising yourself in other people's comments
  • Bubblemail - Bmail and unsolicited self promotion definitely do not mix!

Be clever about how you promote yourself. Look for opportunities no one else has spotted or different ways to plug your work. Some good examples we've seen around the bubble include:

  • Sharing your achievements in a journal - Had your work in a gallery or a story published? Appeared on a blog?
  • An offer or cross promotion - e.g. the 20th person to buy a work wins the original art

Unique, interesting and entertaining self promotion usually goes down pretty well. On the flip side - if you're in doubt about how something will be received then it's probably a good idea to not to do it.