Having trouble updating your watermarks? See below

To help protect your work when uploaded to the internet, Redbubble gives you the ability to enable clear gifs and watermarks to your work. To enable a watermark, simply sign in to Rebubble and head over to your Your Account Settings. From here, simply scroll down to find your Image Settings.


So that we don't deter the sale of your work, watermarks will only appear on the enlarged preview of your work.

As such, watermarks won't appear on image thumbnails or product previews:


Nor will they appear on the regular work preview.

Depending on which option you choose, an enabled watermark will either appear in the centre or bottom right hand corner of the enlarged preview of work:


When changing the watermark settings on your profile, changes may not take effect immediately. Why?

Like most internet sites, when we show an image the first time, it is sent to our Content Distribution Network all around the world, and they keep local copies in all the different countries for a period so that images load faster for you. This is standard internet caching practice.
When you update your watermark settings, images that have previously been viewed might take some time for the watermarks to filter through.