What are your best selling tips?

Redbubble top sellers share their best tips

  • Get to know people on Redbubble. Join groups and make friends - Lori Peters

  • Do one thing well rather than lots of things not so well - Chris Jackson

  • Buy your own work, sell it through exhibitions, market stalls, art fairs, gift shops, galleries etc. - richiedean

  • One of the biggest resources you have available to you is Redbubble and it's members - Paul Louis Villani

  • Advertise, make your own website, blogs, even facebook. Use twitter as a newsletter to tell your friends or fans about your new designs. - Yanmos
  • Personalizing things make them sell. At least it has worked for me - Lori Peters

  • The more friends and family that buy your artwork, the more others will find out through them StacyLee

  • Every time I put something up in my portfolio, I email it to friends from my RB account - Sorina Williams

  • I've bought my own cards and given them as gifts to friends and family. This distributes advertising for my bubble page all over the globe! - Paul Tait

  • Tell people about your interest in photography, when they ask how was your weekend, tell them about it. You'll be surprised how many people will succumb to curiosity and want to have a peak at your work. - reflexio

  • Buy your own work and display them as samples, they will sell. It worked for me and at a mark up of 100% or more. - Mark Ingram

  • Each group exhibition is filled with different artists, works and mediums, it's a great way to learn about what's out there and also perhaps what's selling. Paul Louis Villani

  • Identify your customers. Who is going to buy your work and how can you make it more attractive to them? Chris Jackson

  • Get your artwork where people will see it - Travis Easton

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