What is BubbleMail and how do I use it?

BubbleMail is the Redbubble messaging service - it allows you to send private messages to other folks on Redbubble. All Redbubble accounts come with bubblemail enabled and ready to use. You can elect to turn bubblemail off, however sending a bubblemail at any time will switch it back on again.

To be able to send and receive bubblemails you need to be sure that you have the feature turned on in your account settings. Go to your homepage, to the links panel on the far left, and select "Account Details".
(Alternatively you can access this by clicking on the link in the dropdown box under your username at the top of the page.)


Once on the 'Account Details' page, scroll to just below the box for your email address and date of birth, and select the box titled “Send me BubbleMail”. After that click the “Save Changes” button at the bottom of the page and everything will be good to go!


The BubbleMail button is on a member’s Profile and Portfolio pages, and to send a BubbleMail simply click the speech bubble to the right of the “Follow” button to start composing your message!