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How To Create a Collection
Add Works To a Collection
View, Rename and Add Descriptions to a Collection
Delete a Collection
Set Default Views and Change Cover Image
Change the Order or Remove Your Work from Within Your Collections
Change the Order of my Collections on my Profile Overview Page

(The music in this video was written and produced by our very own Customer Service Pro Jesse.)

What are Collections?

Collections are mini galleries in which you can arrange your work. They’re quick and easy to set up, and help you arrange your work how you want.

With Collections, you can:

  • Create sets to easily organise your work into genres, categories, styles, or products
  • Add works to multiple Collections
  • Choose the order in which to display your visual and/or written works
  • Choose the order that Collections appear on your profile and portfolio pages
  • Choose the default display within each Collection eg view as specific product, or sorted by recent/popular etc
  • Highlight a specific Collection on profile pages, maybe rotate often to “freshen up” your profile from time to time
  • Choose to show cropped or uncropped thumbnails within each of your collections
  • Edit Collections directly from within your portfolio, and choose ordering, cover image thumbnail and name
  • Add a description for each Collection

How do you get started? Just go straight to your portfolio page ( where "xxxx" is your Redbubble user name).

How do I...

Create a Collection

On your portfolio page, click the red link on the left hand navigation menu - “New Collection...”. Type in the name for your new Collection and press the “Save” button. You will see your new Collection in the left-hand side navigation menu.

Help! There's a spinning wheel / circle / loading bar on the title of my new collection!

Never fear! This just means that we're searching for your excellent designs, but the collection is currently empty. Once you've assigned a design to the collection we'll have something to display.

Add works to a Collection

From anywhere in your portfolio, you can click and drag any image, written work or product thumbnail onto the name of the Collection to which you would like it to be added. You can add up to 100 works to a Collection, and have up to 30 Collections at a time.

View, rename and add a descriptions to a Collection

To open and view the works within a Collection, you can click the Collection name from the left-hand side navigation menu, or click the thumbnail from your profile overview page.
While viewing a Collection, you can rename the Collection by simply clicking on the title up the top left side of the page, editing, and clicking the “save” button.
You'll also notice this is where you can also add and update a description for the Collection.

Delete a Collection

While viewing a Collection, you can click the red “Edit” button on the top right-hand side of the page, and click the “Delete collection” link. Please note, that this will only delete the Collection, your works will always remain in your portfolio.

*Set default views and change cover image**

You can choose how your work is initially displayed when your Collection is viewed.
Within a Collection, click the red “Edit” button on the top right, and “Display Settings”. On the pop-up box, you can choose the sort order, the type of thumbnail, and the cover image that is displayed on your profile overview page. If you would like to set your own order, make sure you choose “Custom”, and you can manually drag and drop images into the order you prefer them to be displayed.

It is important to note that the selected thumbnail option will affect which works in a collection are displayed. For instance, if the selection thumbnail option is "Posters", this will only display works that are available for sale as posters.

Change the order or remove your work from within your Collections

To arrange the works within your Collection, you can simply drag and drop them in your chosen order. Don’t forget to click the “Save” button on the bottom red bar. If you would like to remove a work from a Collection, you can simply drag it onto the “Remove” drop zone. Don’t forget to click “Save”!
After re-ordering or removing works (or both!) you can change your mind by clicking the small red “Cancel” link, just above the “Save” button.
Please note - the big red bar down the bottom will only appear once you grab a work to start moving or removing.

Change the order of my Collections on my profile Overview page

When someone visits your profile Overview page, your Collections will be displayed on the right side of the page. You can change the order in which your Collections are displayed within your portfolio page by dragging the Collection names up or down on the left-hand side navigation menu in your portfolio.

Go to your portfolio now to try it all out!