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There's no place like home
What can I do here?
What's on the menu?
Where is my watchlist, image feed and activity feed?
Can I choose my default feed?
How can I find Groups and Forums?
How can I BubbleMail someone?
Can I have my own shop?
Where can I find more help?

There's no place like home.

The Redbubble homepage is the centre of your RB experience.

You can sign in to your RB account for a personalised experience. You can check if you're signed in at any time by pointing your eyes to the top right side of the page; you will see your user name if you're signed in, and "Sign in" if you're not.

If you ever need to get back home, simply click on the Redbubble logo on the top left of any page around the website.

What can I do here?

The homepage is a springboard to all the good stuff you need: from your orders history, adding, managing or editing works, letting you jump to your favourite groups, forums, or even your sales history - make sure you sign in to see the stuff you like!

As well as being able to display more and more creative works right on the homepage, you can also customise what you want to see in the image flow.

What's on the menu?

When signed in, you will see additional menus down the left side of the homepage, and it is from these menus you can access all the awesome that is Shop, Account Details (including your sales history), Portfolio, Journals, Groups and Forums.

If a menu item has a little black triangle next to it like this one, it means you can click it to expand and see more options:


Bonus menu: when signed in, hover over your username avatar at the top left side of the page for a few shortcuts to the most commonly visited places.


Where is my watchlist, image feed and activity feed?

Everything that you're looking for (and more) can be found on the homepage.

  • "Found" for all of the brilliant things we find on our travels like a "staff pics" list

  • "Following" for new work and favourites from artists that you are following

  • "Activity", to see how your own work is tracking, and notifications of sales or other artists interacting with you.

If you don't see all three sections on the middle right side above the image feed, you can sign in by clicking the "sign in" link on the top of the page.


Can I choose my default feed?

The short answer is a resounding yes!

While logged in, your homepage will remember the last selected feed, whether it's "Found", "Following" or "Activity". Stopping by your homepage at any point while exploring the bubble-sphere will then take you directly to the remembered feed.

How can I find Groups and Forums?

You can head to Groups and Forums straight from the homepage.

If there is a triangle, this means you can click to expand that menu and see more. For instance, check out "All Followed Topics" underneath Forums, which leads to a handy reference page for every topic that you're currently following.


You'll also find "All recent journals" on the left side navigation menu of the homepage.

How can I BubbleMail someone?

If you like to chew the fat, you can use BubbleMail to get your message across. When looking at a profile or portfolio page, just click on the little speech bubble (see what we did there?) to get the conversation started.


Can I have my own shop?

From the top horizontal navigation bar you're able to browse an artist's wares from the tab called "Shop".

That's right folks, you can send someone to your own mini-shop in the Redbubble marketplace with the following URL:


The "Shop" includes all of the public works in your portfolio, and the product preview types are randomly selected from the available options for each work, in order to provide a diverse and varied shopfront.


To help you share the work you love with the world, you can follow, tweet about, or like an artist on Facebook directly from the top of each profile or portfolio page.