What size, format and colour profile should I use on Redbubble?

Size and Format
Bleeding and Cropping
Manually changing pixel dimensions
Other important notes
File Format
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Size and Format

When it comes to putting images on Redbubble we prefer big, high-resolution original files to make fantastic prints. And when we say 'big' we're principally referring to the number of pixels in a file. The file size (in MB) is not the best indicator of whether a file is suitable for printing. In the example below the image has a file size of 3.04 MB (quite small) and a resolution of 3779*1974 = 7.46 megapixels (reasonably large). So a file that may have looked quite 'small' is actually suitable for printing at large sizes.

Apparel YES YES (preferred) NO NO
Cases and Skins YES YES NO NO
Throw Pillows, Tote Bags and Duvet Covers YES YES NO NO
Mugs and Travel Mugs YES YES NO NO


Here are the resolution thresholds for each of our products:

  • Greeting Cards: 1300x900 pixels (1 megapixel) more info on cropping, borders and aspect ratio for cards here
  • Framed Prints and Stretched Canvas:
    • 2400×1600 pixels (4 megapixels) for the small print
    • 3240×2160 pixels (7 megapixels) for the medium print
    • 3840×2560 pixels (10 megapixels) for the large print
  • Posters:
    • 2500×3500 pixels for the smallest print
    • 3500×5000 pixels for the medium print
    • 5000×7100 pixels for the large print
  • Calendar images: 2182x1906 pixels for the months and 2371x2875 pixels for the cover
  • Clothing and stickers: 2400×3200 pixels will cover the printable area, although you can resize larger images to fit when uploading. The file must be a PNG.
  • Phone cases & Skins: 1187 x 1852 pixels will cover the printable area, however you can resize larger images to fit. The file must be in RGB colour and in JPG or PNG format.
  • Laptop Skins: 4600 x 3000 pixels
  • Throw Pillows:
    • 2188 x 2188 pixels for the small pillow
    • 2438 x 2438 pixels for the medium pillow
    • 2788 x 2788 pixels for the large pillow
  • Tote Bags:
    • 2175 x 2175 pixels for the small tote bag
    • 2625 x 2625 pixels for the medium tote bag
    • 2925 x 2925 pixels for the large tote bag
  • Duvet Covers (125 DPI):
    • 8570 x 11250 pixels for the twin duvet (including bleeding)
    • 11000 x 11000 pixels for the queen duvet (including bleeding)
    • 13500 × 11462 pixels for the king duvet (including bleeding)
  • Mugs:
    • 2700 x 1624 pixels for standard & tall mug
    • 2376 x 2024 pixels for travel mug

Bleed and cropping

  • As with all professional printing practices, the actual printed product will often vary slightly from the image. It is not recommended to put text or borders on the outer edges of images as there will always be a small margin for bleed on all printed products.

Other important notes:

  • Please do not artificially increase or distort the pixel dimensions of your image, as we use the number of pixels in an image to determine which sizes are appropriate. if you artificially increase/distort the pixel dimensions you will trick our quality control software, and the products will come out looking stretched, or horribly pixelated!
  • If your image size or format is not right, this might restrict you from selling some products. We automatically determine which products your file can be used to create, so that we only ship products that both you and we can be proud of.
  • Images above 300Mb, or 13500x13500 pixels in size, cannot be accepted on the site due to the unreasonable load they place on our servers.

File Format

We accept JPEG or PNG files (we don't accept TIFF or PDF files).

Colour Profile

We prefer the sRGB colour space (our printers are calibrated to sRGB).